About Sara Evans Artist 

Making art; and in particular, ceramics; is my way of trying to understand the complexity of life. Endless questions are asked and decisions made in an internal dialogue – a raw mix of fear, risk, and excitement.


Often I start with making a collage from found images which can create unexpected connections. A conversation or an encounter can also spark ideas for sculptures; and once begun, each piece suggests its unique direction. Clay is an extraordinary material which captures the making process in three dimensions. It is both liberating and responsive, but undeniably frustrating too. Opening a kiln to reveal a piece’s transformation through extreme fiery heat, is always a moment that tests the creative vision. It is what keeps me practicing giving the formless, form; and makes my life feel full of possibility.


When my work is going well I am filled with a sense of hope and wonder. And when people see it, I like to imagine them saying ‘ah’ and smiling in recognition.

Devon, United Kingdom / sara@sevans77.plus.com