Sara Evans, Ceramic Sculpture, Working in Studio, Devon

Source material for Sara’s ceramic sculptures is gathered from listening, watching, and reading – the impetus is a playful curiosity about the complexity of her exterior and interior worlds. Human psychology, societal status-quos, and environmental issues are often in the mix.


Narrative, metaphor, and humour feature in the pieces, and Sara is intrigued that each viewer brings a different meaning to what they see.


​Figures, either animal or human, are hand-built using a mix of pinching, coiling, slab-building, and carving. On occasion self-made or found objects are used in combination with clay for a rich interplay of materials.


Sara has an Honours degree in Fine Art, and in the 1990’s worked in production pottery at Dartington Pottery, Devon, UK. At times when Sara was unable to pursue an art-career, she worked at an organic vegetable farm, planted many thousands of trees, and learnt how to build dry-stone walls.


After completing a PGCE in art, Sara taught learning disabled adults weaving, pottery, and art.

​After many years in art education, Sara is teaching less and working on developing her sculptural narratives.

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